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A-1034-0031, Datum ball kit, ؾ"


Renishaw universal datum sphere enhances the performance of manual and fully automated CMMs. The spheres are made from hard-wearing tungsten carbide and the ball stems can quickly and easily be adjusted over a wide range of probe datuming angles. Each datum sphere is supplied with its own certificate, traceable to UKAS standards.


Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
A-1034-0032Ø3/4" datum ball1
A-1034-0029Datum ball column1
M-1034-0013Datum ball base1
A-1042-1486'C' spanner1
A-1015-7958Datum ball storage box1

A-1034-0031, Renishaw Datum ball kit, ؾ"

SKU: A-1034-0031
$545.00 Regular Price
$490.50Sale Price
  • Please note that you must choose a datum ball fixing stud. A $27 value provided free of charge by Cousins.

  • Usually ships within 1 day

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