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P/N C30141, (10/PK)



  • Brand Name Cle-Line
  • Description General Roughing-In Work for Wood and Nail Embedded Woods
  • Style #RSB-BM



  • Overall Length 6.0000"
  • Thickness 0.0500"
  • Tool Size 6" x 5/7 TPI
  • Width 0.7500"



  • Material Bi-Metal - 8% Cobalt
  • Saw Pitch 5/7TPI
  • Saw Style Reciprocating Saw Blade
  • Surface Condition Painted


Recommended Use

General rough-in work in wood and nail-embedded woods.

RSB-BM RECIP SAW WOOD CUT 6"X3/4"X0.050" 5/7T, C30141 (10/PK)

SKU: C30141
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    P/N C30141, (10/PK)
    P/N C30170, (50/PK)

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