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Vasto-Clamp 96, 6-Jaw Chuck

The versatile and flexible 6-jaw chuck with quick exchange system for round parts. With its six top jaws Vasto-Clamp can be used for clamping raw parts with two different hardened gripping jaws or with soft jaws for components sensitive to deformation.
The manually actuated scroll chuck can be flexibly used as 3- or 6-jaw chuck. The mounting and exchange of the jaws is realised without any tools by an innovative click mechanism, which provides a highly rigid and robust connection.
The Vasto-Clamp chuck is available with integrated 0-point studs for our Quick-Point 96 zero-point clamping system, as well as integrated interface for the LANG RoboTrex automation.

Available with Various Jaws Types

Item No. 159616-60
Gripping Jaws, hardened
Clamping range: 1.18 - 4.72" / 30 - 120 mm

Item No. 159616-61
Gripping Jaws, hardened
Clamping range: 2.95 - 6.30" / 75 - 160 mm

Item No. 159616-62
Top Jaws, soft
Clamping range: .40 - 6.30" / 10 - 160 mm

Item No. 159616-63
Top Jaws, soft
Clamping range: .40 - 6.30" / 10 - 160 mm

Makro-Grip Ultra

Incredible modularity meets enormous application variety! The new product line Makro-Grip Ultra offers countless clamping possibilities and can be changed quickly
and easily at the same time.

Thanks to the expandability of its modules Makro-Grip Ultra is capable of clamping parts of 810 mm length and beyond safely. With its size it pushes the LANG workholding to new heights and is suitable for mould making and clamping applications of flat and large parts.

Different system heights, individually expandable clamping ranges, interchangeable clamping jaw types and useful accessories – Makro-Grip Ultra is extremely flexible and equally applicable for single part or multiple clamping, cubic, round or asymmetrical workpieces. Through its wide range of possible configurations the modular system practically covers any imaginable clamping application.

  • Clamping ranges up to 410 / 610 / 810 mm, flexibly extendable

  • 3 different system heights: 45 / 109 / 189 mm

  • 3 different, interchangeable clamping jaw types

  • Based on the Quick-Point 96 zero-point clamping system


Quick-Point Single Plate shown

Quick-Point Zero-Point

The modular Quick-Point zero-point clamping system can be retrofitted to almost any machine table, making it a perfect solution for high speed changeovers of vises, fixtures and workpieces. Whether vertical or horizontal
machining, 3-, 4- or 5-axis applications, there is a model that fits your needs. Its flexibility, high positioning accuracy and reliable, durable construction make it one of the best in its class and the industry benchmark in zero-point clamping.

Quick-Point Single Plates

Quick-Point Multi Plates

Quick-Point Tombstones

Quick-Point Adapter Plates

Quick-Point Risers

Quick-Point Support Plates

Quick-Point Twin Base


Preci-Point Collet Chuck

The Preci-Point collet chuck advances our offerings of “Conventional Workholding”.


It is designed for the machining of Ø 6 – 34 mm round parts. To clamp material, commercially available ER 50 collets are used, eliminating the need for contour jaws, especially in small diameter ranges.


Its slim design offers excellent ergonomic features and optimal accessibility during machining.

Lang Clean-tec Fan

Efficient, time saving solution for removal of chips and coolant

The Clean-Tec Chip Fan cleans the machine interior after machining processes, removing chips and coolant without the operator having to open the machine tool door. As a final step in the machining process, the fan is called up via the machine program and selected from the tool magazine. Its blades are opened and closed by controlling the speed of the machine tool spindle.

No swarf and cooland outside the machine tool

Energy Savings
Expensive compressed air not needed

Unmanned Cleaning
Especially essential in the automated production

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